YHVH Entertainment casting for ‘Burley Man’

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Burley Man Auditions

Burley Man Auditions
Wednesday 26th, 2014.
By appointment only.


Madge Isaacs: Female 35-45
African American
Required: Improv and Theater Training
She is a woman who grew up next to Joanna in similar family situations and have always consider themselves as sisters.
Her Christian beliefs are very strong and sometimes a little judgmental, but a good woman in general. She takes care of her old father.

Reverend Jones; Male 65-75
Required: Improv and Theater Training
He is a reverend attempting to keep himself occupied with meaningless activities while he waits for death.

Mr Shoemaker: Male 55-65
Required: Improv and Theater Training
Is an elderly lawyer who served Joanna’s father for many years. He is currently serving as the executor of the father’s estate for Joanna.

Brian Martin: 35-45
Caucasian, Latino, Mixed ethnicity
Required: Improv and Theater Training
Brian is around Joanna’s age, balding and often considered a little slow. he carries the stereotypical trucker’s pot.

This is a special producer’s reading session by appointment only.
Please read the character’s breakdown and submit accordingly to: info@yhvhentertainment.com