Burley Man Stage Reading

The play written by James Patterson, is a dark romance, set in modern times. A young guy looking for his biological mother goes to her hometown, only to fall in love with an older woman and make new enemies as well as friends. The story is very well written and so intense, that will keep the audience attached to their seat until the unexpected end.This story has it all, romance, jealousy, sadness, happiness, drama, sex and violence. I think it makes the perfect cocktail to bring something different and new to the audiences that enjoy theater”. Burley Man Stage Reading

Marilyn Sanabria as Joanna Mitchell.
Geovanni Gopradi as Edward Wilkins.
Sonja Inge as Madge Isaacs.
David Neff as Jesse Shoemaker.
LeRoy Castanon as Brian Martin.
Peter Altschuler as Reverend Jones.
Allen Warchol as narrator.

Burley Man The play written by James Patterson.
Producer: Aida Delgado
Productions: YHVH Talent Management


Geovanni Gopradi Kmart Holiday commercial for Joe Boxer

Kmart Holiday commercial for Joe Boxer sparks outrage online
Hilarious or offensive? Viewers are mixed when it comes to Kmart’s new holiday commercial for Joe Boxer, featuring men shaking their stuff to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells.’ Critics say the ad, called ‘Show Your Joe,’ is tasteless. Fans say it’s no worse than Victoria’s Secret ads.