Person of interest in missing family case has criminal history in BC

Global News

VANCOUVER, B.C. — There’s a BC connection in the case of the missing family in Alberta.

Neighbours of the property being searched north of Calgary, told Global News that the man who lives at the acreage with his parents and was taken into custody and questioned by police is Douglas Garland. Authorities won’t confirm the name of the person arrested, but say that though he has not been charged, he’s still a person of interest in the case.

Federal Court records indicate a Douglas Garland has a criminal history in BC. In a 2005 judgment, Justice Miller says that Garland was charged for producing his own amphetamines in 1992, but moved away from Alberta to Vancouver, assuming the name of a dead person, Matthew Kemper Hartley. The next year, he applied for a social security number and driver’s license with the alias and, “conducted all his activities in Vancouver under the name Matthew Hartley,”…

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