The Art of Making Adjustments

Inspired Scribble

I used to called it “cracking.” And every time, he’d correct me. “It’s an adjustment. We’re in the business of making adjustments around here.” That business, being healthcare. Chiropractic care, to be exact. I’ve since learned that you don’t crack your back, neck, knuckles, etc. You don’t break yourself. You just release the tension, and that’s called an adjustment.

A few weeks ago, I went in for some emergency adjustments for my back. “Your alignment is off by about an inch, you know,” he said. I knew something was off. And believed full well that my condition was simply a physical manifestation of the past few months. While I was in for treatment, I watched my chiropractor make an adjustment to a patient’s neck, injured from a recent car accident. I watched as he felt her neck, touching gently on the spine and underneath the skull. He rotated her head back…

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