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I had an audition a while back where I had to switch emotions several times in a matter of minutes and because it was comedic it had to be a bit extreme with no noticeable transitions, yet feel grounded and real. I didn’t think anything of it. That’s easy. However, I found out that’s not true for all actors. I started to ponder why I felt this is such a simple task. Then it hit me…I’ve had loads of practice.

I have been portraying multiple characters onstage at the same time through ventriloquism for most of my life. One of the skills I take for granted is that most of the time the puppet is in one emotion and I am in another simultaneously. For example: Stunkles may feel sad while at the same time I am comforting OR Billy is playful while I am angry OR Darlene is flirty…

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Inspired Scribble

I used to called it “cracking.” And every time, he’d correct me. “It’s an adjustment. We’re in the business of making adjustments around here.” That business, being healthcare. Chiropractic care, to be exact. I’ve since learned that you don’t crack your back, neck, knuckles, etc. You don’t break yourself. You just release the tension, and that’s called an adjustment.

A few weeks ago, I went in for some emergency adjustments for my back. “Your alignment is off by about an inch, you know,” he said. I knew something was off. And believed full well that my condition was simply a physical manifestation of the past few months. While I was in for treatment, I watched my chiropractor make an adjustment to a patient’s neck, injured from a recent car accident. I watched as he felt her neck, touching gently on the spine and underneath the skull. He rotated her head back…

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The Mother App

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Peak Perspective

What is one thing absolutely every human being has from the moment they were born?

I know you’re tempted to say reflexes, or kneecaps, or a smart phone, and you’re close, but in this particular case, the answer is: a MOTHER.

I think we all know plenty of people with stories to tell of their mothers. Some of the anecdotes are fairy tales, but most of them are historical horrors that will curl your toes. Others will admit they have no memory of their mothers, no history with their mothers and were likely hatched in a Petri dish in a laboratory buried deep beneath the Swiss Alps.

I’m not here to argue, but I think we all know that the whole ‘babies hatched in Petri dishes beneath the Alps’ story to be totally false.

They’re beneath the Bernese Alps. Let’s be specific.

Regardless, if I were to hazard a…

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Old Guv Legends

SadaBikeHublessBicycle1In smaller living spaces, bike storage can be a tricky thing to figure out. A cumbersome bicycle is great for transportation needs, but it takes up a lot of room inside a home. For those who live in an apartment, the vehicle generally ends up parked right beside the living room couch or hanging on the wall in the hallway.

As a solution to this problem, Italian designer Gianluca Sada, of Sada Bike, has come up with an amazing solution for easy bicycle storage and transport. He developed a spokeless design constructed with standard 26″ wheel dimensions for a quick jaunt around town but then, when it’s time to park, the wheels disconnect and the entire frame folds up as small as an average umbrella.

The working prototype would make a huge difference to urban dwellers who are often lacking storage space and Sada is currently seeking investors to make…

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To all the mothers, to my mother and all those whose mothers who have passed, let’s get a little maudlin and cry a few tears for the mothers who raised us, the surrogate mothers who nurtured us.

From left to right, my Aunt Pearl, Mom, Aunt Ethel, and Aunt Kate, From left to right, my Aunt Pearl, Mom, Aunt Ethel, and Aunt Kate,

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