Garden Warfare: The game for Christians (and others) who prefer bloodless mayhem

With Christian Eyes

For anyone who’s come here looking for something satanic to avoid, I think you might need to look elsewhere–unless you consider Garden Warfare’s publisher EA (Electronic Arts) satanic–in which case you may want to skip this, or not (your choice, though the company does seem satanic!  EA is not the developer of this game; see the endnote* for more details).

In any case, this post is about the wildly colorful and chaotic, as well as constantly delightful, Garden Warfare.  This new everyone-rated third person shooter is based on the fun and popular “casual” game, Plants vs Zombies, and isn’t shy about comparing itself to Modern Warfare It is currently available for XBOX 360 and XBOX One, and comes out for PC on June 30th.

A popular reviewer summed the game up:  “Garden Warfare is a surprisingly good third-person multiplayer/cooperative shooter. A refreshing light-hearted twist on class-based…

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