YHVH Entertainment casting for ‘Burley Man’

The play written by James Patterson, is a dark romance, set in modern times. A young guy looking for his biological mother goes to her hometown, only to fall in love with an older woman and make new enemies as well as friends. The story is very well written and so intense, that will keep the audience attached to their seat until the unexpected end.

The YHVH Management’s team feels very confident to put this great play on stage. The producer Aida Delgado said “This story has it all, romance, jealousy, sadness, happiness, drama, sex and violence. I think it makes the perfect cocktail to bring something different and new to the audiences that enjoy theater”. The play is also intended to be produced for film in the year 2015.

YHVH Entertainment is an Artist Management company in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The company offers theatrical and commercial representation. Founded in 2008, some of the credits include HBO “True Blood”, TNT “Major Crimes”, CBS “Bold and Beautiful”, Anna’s Linen, K-Mart, Walmart, Comcast commercials, PBS “Roads To Memphis:, Discovery Channel “Facing Trauma” , W.E the movie, Broadway, Off Broadway Theater and many more.
Burley Man


Burley Man Auditions

Burley Man Auditions
Wednesday 26th, 2014.
By appointment only.


Madge Isaacs: Female 35-45
African American
Required: Improv and Theater Training
She is a woman who grew up next to Joanna in similar family situations and have always consider themselves as sisters.
Her Christian beliefs are very strong and sometimes a little judgmental, but a good woman in general. She takes care of her old father.

Reverend Jones; Male 65-75
Required: Improv and Theater Training
He is a reverend attempting to keep himself occupied with meaningless activities while he waits for death.

Mr Shoemaker: Male 55-65
Required: Improv and Theater Training
Is an elderly lawyer who served Joanna’s father for many years. He is currently serving as the executor of the father’s estate for Joanna.

Brian Martin: 35-45
Caucasian, Latino, Mixed ethnicity
Required: Improv and Theater Training
Brian is around Joanna’s age, balding and often considered a little slow. he carries the stereotypical trucker’s pot.

This is a special producer’s reading session by appointment only.
Please read the character’s breakdown and submit accordingly to: info@yhvhentertainment.com