I found a lover…!!

Little miss obsessive's anatomy!!

I did…I found a lover and its WordPress. No I’m not trying to advertise the whole features and social benefits of blogging and definitely not talking about the pleasure of being Freshly Pressed (how can I?). Blogging has become what writing diary was to me… just couldn’t do without.

It feels like a secret lover for whom for I left my diaries, my late night movies and even cut down my visit to my bedtime reading. I feel like I’m cheating on things that once meant a lot to me, but there is nothing I can do about it now. Nothing. I’m pretty sure the day I will leave blogging would be the day I will quit from my imaginary world of hope, love and happiness. It would be the day I would enter the world everyone else lives in.

Last night I couldn’t update my post because I didn’t…

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