Here are 5 great movies you can Netflix to feed your language need.


Netflix has changed the way we consume foreign culture at home. It used to be tough to track down obscure foreign films on VHS at the local video store, but now we can stream thousands of art house films wirelessly. Even the subtitles are in HD.

Netflix streaming is estimated to account for about a third of all peak-time Internet traffic… How much of that is people brushing up on language skills with foreign films?

Here’s my Top 5 list of movies you can watch now on Netflix that will get plenty of language input into your noggin:

Europa Europa –  This is an incredibly powerful true story of a German Jew during World War 2 who moves to Poland and then the Soviet Union, later to convince Nazi captors he is an ethnic German from Grodno. The kicker is, I didn’t even give away the movie just then…

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