YHVH Entertainment officially began the pre-production process of the play Burley Man in Los Angeles, CA.

Director and Officer Aida Delgado stated,
“We are very happy to inform that we are putting this amazing story
on stage. We feel strongly confident and positive that we will be able
to present a Broadway quality production”.
Los Angeles


Maze-ing Maze 273

Warren Stokes Art

Maze-ing Maze 273

Maze 273:  So I wanted to share my new ideas for a 13 piece show I started yesterday.  I also got an email yesterday from a mother who says she gives the mazes to her kids to try daily.  As a children’s book writer I definitely love the fact that kids are enjoying my site.  It also made me feel a bit apprehensive about showing the works as it’s not necessarily age appropriate for all. 

Knowing this I still decided to share the ideas and drafts and concepts as they take place.  It is my hope that parents understand my need to grow and explore as an artist and maybe even use my art to educate their children on an important part of American history.

Now as many visitors know I have had a dry spell in over the past few weeks in the new ideas area with the…

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No, Your Sweat Does Not Calm Me Down

Deidra Alexander's Blog

Recently, when I was having one of my meltdowns a male, who shall remain nameless, shoved my head in his armpit.

I, of course, began whaling him. Not that it did me much good. I’m 5’2″ and he’s 6’2″.

I asked or maybe screamed a little, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “Calming you down. Male musk has a calming affect on females.”

“Do I look calm?”

“If you would just let biology work.”

“I’m going to let anatomy work if you ever do that again.”

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