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Person of interest in missing family case has criminal history in BC


Originally posted on Global News:

VANCOUVER, B.C. — There’s a BC connection in the case of the missing family in Alberta.

Neighbours of the property being searched north of Calgary, told Global News that the man who lives at the acreage with his parents and was taken into custody and questioned by police is Douglas Garland. Authorities won’t confirm the name of the person arrested, but say that though he has not been charged, he’s still a person of interest in the case.

Federal Court records indicate a Douglas Garland has a criminal history in BC. In a 2005 judgment, Justice Miller says that Garland was charged for producing his own amphetamines in 1992, but moved away from Alberta to Vancouver, assuming the name of a dead person, Matthew Kemper Hartley. The next year, he applied for a social security number and driver’s license with the alias and, “conducted all his activities in Vancouver under the name Matthew Hartley,”…

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When safety gets a little too sexy


Originally posted on Optus Zoo News:

THE words ?fasten your seatbelt? have never been so alluring.

But not everyone was impressed with Air New Zealand?s latest in-flight video, which puts scantily clad Sports Illustrated models front and centre to share the airline?s safety messages.

The video, entitled Safety in Paradise, features Australia?s Jessica Gomes along with Christie Brinkley, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith running through the routine aeroplane safety pointers while looking glamorous in their bikinis on the shores of the Cook Islands.

Listen up, fellas ? Safety just got sexy. Source: YouTube

Christy Brinkley has a cameo in the video. Source: YouTube

The four-minute clip, which has been viewed more than 5million times on YouTube, sparked an online backlash, with a petition attracting 10,000 signatures on change.org.

Led by Melbourne woman Natasha Young, the petition says that a safety video is sexist and ?should not be an excuse to objectify the sexualised female body?.

?This video completely disregards passengers who find it offensive for religious reasons, who have body image struggles…

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Queen + Adam Lambert – Los Angeles, July 3, 2014


Originally posted on On the Meaning of Adam Lambert:

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook

Apologies for the late posting… some favorite images from the Los Angeles show. Our fingers are more worn out than Brian May’s knees! Lordy lordy!! And we have promised ourselves to not watch TOO many live streams or moon over too many photos. We want to still be sort of virgins when we have our live dates with Adam on the East Coast. That’s our lame story and we’re sticking to it!



Beautiful gif by Lilybop from TALCVids WWTLF…



stylistjenrade: Positively obsessed with the way @adamlambert wears clothes!!!! Seeing these costumes come to life is my heaven. #queenwillrock #queendoesrock #lovemyfuckingjob

stylistjenrade: Positively obsessed with the way @adamlambert wears clothes!!!! Seeing these costumes come to life is my heaven. #queenwillrock #queendoesrock #lovemyfuckingjob



carolyngurstein:  The Forum. queen with adam lambert is probably one of the best things i have ever seen.

carolyngurstein: The Forum. queen with adam lambert is probably one of the best things i have ever seen.

tbratton90: You are killin em boo!! Nothing like live music.

tbratton90: You are killin em boo!! Nothing like live music.


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OT: Of cars and cameras


Originally posted on Ming Thein | Photographer:

_DSF1891bw copy
Race girl

In many ways, the two industries are frighteningly similar: technologically complex, requiring huge capital investment for relatively small margins, enormous marketing machines, some semblance of ‘celebrity’ endorsement, and ever shrinking improvements just waiting for whatever technology is just over the bend (hybrids, Foveon sensors, etc.). Perception over substance rules, too. And there’s a lot of crossover between the enthusiasts of both – I have a huge number of students who are also petrolheads. But there are enough differences that one could learn from the other, I think…

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‘Paris of the North’ Helmer Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson Sets ‘Kanari’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Originally posted on Variety:

Having seen his debut remade by David Gordon Green as “Prince Avalanche,” Iceland’s Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson is prepping “Kanari” to follow-up Karlovy Vary competition player “Paris of the North.”

“Prince Avalanche” won a best director 2013 Berlin Silver Bear. Sigurdsson himself was selected as one of Variety’s 10 European Directors To Watch at the 2012 Karlovy Vary showcase.

Unveiled as the 10th Sofia Meetings in March 2013, where it won the Best Pitching Award in the Second Films section, “Kanari” is now set up as a co-production between London’s Flickbook Films, Iceland’s Kjartannson and France’s Arizona Films.

Sigurdsson will seek to tie down a German co-producer at Karlovy Vary, completing “Kanari’s” international co-production structure, he said.

“Kanari” has already pulled down development coin from the Icelandic Film Center. Sigurdsson will apply for a production grant from the IFC with a view to shooting in 2015.

Penned by Sigurdsson, and…

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Originally posted on SERENDIPITY:


Garry and I watched “Paris When It Sizzles” on Netflix last night. Universally panned, it is generally regarded as awful. Except among movie buffs — like us — for whom it is an officially designated guilty pleasure. We laughed all the way through it.

It got us talking about other movies we’ve seen that were panned, but which we liked.

The one that came immediately to my mind was “Flypaper,” starring Ashley Judd and Patrick (“McDreamy”) Dempsey. It opened and closed without a single good review and made less money in its American release than I made on my last freelance job. But it cost $4,000,000 to produce.

On February 27, 2013, I reviewed it on Serendipity — FLYPAPER (2011): A PLEASANT SURPRISE. It’s been getting a slow but steady stream of hits ever since. When I looked in my stats, I saw I’d gotten a hit on that review, the source for…

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How Ventriloquism has helped my acting


Originally posted on Christine's Blog:

I had an audition a while back where I had to switch emotions several times in a matter of minutes and because it was comedic it had to be a bit extreme with no noticeable transitions, yet feel grounded and real. I didn’t think anything of it. That’s easy. However, I found out that’s not true for all actors. I started to ponder why I felt this is such a simple task. Then it hit me…I’ve had loads of practice.

I have been portraying multiple characters onstage at the same time through ventriloquism for most of my life. One of the skills I take for granted is that most of the time the puppet is in one emotion and I am in another simultaneously. For example: Stunkles may feel sad while at the same time I am comforting OR Billy is playful while I am angry OR Darlene is flirty…

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Get a Look at that View! Bellafonte Bonaire


Originally posted on Bucket List Publications:

Bellafonte Bonaire Ocean View

I’m at the best resort in Bonaire and I’ve decided to sleep outside. I can’t get enough of the view, the sound of the waves, and the smell of the ocean. I arrived at Bellafonte Bonaire today and I don’t want to leave. Even when my kiteboarding lesson was canceled because of low winds, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve never found a place that captured my attention more than adventure, but Bellafonte takes the cake. Get a look at that view! 

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Real Housewives’ Jackie: Why I stormed off set


Originally posted on Optus Zoo News:

WHETHER you loved her or hated her, there?s no denying Jackie Gillies was perhaps the most lovably eccentric cast member of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

A champagne-sculling psychic who swears like a sailor but punctuates every second sentence with her relentlessly positive personal mantra ?Shine shine shine!?, the Newcastle-bred 33-year-old seemed to exist on her own planet, away from the Toorak ladies who make up the rest of the cast.

This is a woman who opens our interview by turning the tables and shooting a barrage of chirpy questions at this writer: ?Darling, are you shining bright? Shine shine shine? I love it darling! What?s happening? What?s news? Tell me everything!?

A common complaint among people on reality TV is that they?ve been edited unfairly. Watching the show, has there been anything you?ve had an issue with?

A. None of this show is scripted, regardless of what anyone…

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